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SEDEPE in Iceland

SEDEPE is hosting two panels at the 2011 European Consortium for Political Research General Conference in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Section 35, Panel 21: From the Bottom to the Top? Career Paths of Political Leaders in Multi-Level Settings

When: Thursday, 25 August, 1500-1640
Where: Main Building – Room A218

Chairs: Patrick Dumont and Matthew Kerby
Discussant: Christopher Kam

  1. William  Daniel: All Roads Lead through Brussels? Career Ambition in the European Parliament
  2. Elena  Semenova: All Roads Lead to Moscow? Careers of Russian Political Elite in Multi-level System
  3. José Real-Dato, Juan  Rodriguez-Teruel and Miguel  Jerez-Mir: In Search of the ‘Ladder Model’: Career Paths of Spanish Diputados (1977-2010)
  4. Richard  Whitaker: Legislative Careers at the Supranational Level? The Stability of Membership of the European Parliament and Internal Advancement

Section 35, Panel 22: Political Elites and Institutions: Recruitment Patterns and Turnover

When: Friday, 26 August, 0900-1040
Where: Main Building – Room A218

Chairs: Hanna Back and Keith Dowding
Discussant: Indridi Indridason

  1. Matthew Kerby and Keith Dowding: Comparative Ministerial Turnover in Canada and Australia: 1945-2010
  2. Sebastian Jäckle: Ministerial Turnover in the German Länder: An Event History Analysis of Macro-Political Factors and Biographic Determinants
  3. Juan  Rodriguez Teruel, Oscar  Barberà and Astrid  Barrio: Party Government in Multilevel Settings: The Determinants of Ministerial Turnover in Spanish Regional Cabinets (1980-2011)
  4. Marcelo  Camerlo and Aníbal  Pérez Liñán: Presidential Cabinets. Minister Turnover and Critical Events in Latin America

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