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SEDEPE Panel at IPSA2012 in Madrid

SEDEPE welcomes applications to participate in the following panel which will take place at the International Political Science Association World Congress of Political Science in Madrid Spain (July 8-12, 2012)
Details on how to submit a paper proposal can be found on the IPSA website.

Regional cabinet ministers in Western Europe: recruitment and turnover
  • Panel: Comparative Politics and Political Institutions
  • Chair: Dr. Juan Rodríguez Teruel
  • Co-Chair: Mr. Régis Dandoy
  • Discussants: Dr. Matthew Kerby and Dr. Hanna Bäck

Panel Abstract: New political institutions have arisen as a result of regional decentralisation in Western Europe in the last 40 years. The consequences of this transformation have affected both the general process of governance and the actors involved. The analysis of the regional cabinet elite allows us to identify the influence of region-specific phenomena in the life of the governments. However, the study of regional cabinet members has received very scarce attention so far, since research has focused mainly on national ministers. The panel aims to fill this gap. According to what is suggested by literature on ministerial elites, the relevant questions deal with the effects of decentralisation on ministerial recruitment, circulation between political arenas, turnover and careers paths, the professionalization of regional elites and their impact on the legitimacy and outcomes of these institutions. The panel welcomes papers based on theoretically informed empirical work dealing with one or more of the above-mentioned questions. Papers must focus particularly on the most relevant European new decentralized countries with increasing powerful regional cabinets, like Belgium, Spain, United Kingdom and Italy. Other European federal systems, like Germany or Austria could be of interest in order to check differences and similarities.

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