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Upcoming events and deadlines

Please note that there are a number of upcoming events that you may find of interest.

a) The ECPR Joint Sessions will take place in Salamanca Spain in April 2014. The call for papers is now open and SEDEPE is organizing at panel on judicial elites titled “Causes and Consequences of Judicial Selection and Turnover at the Supreme/High Court Level”. For more information please visit The deadline to submit a paper proposal for the Joint Sessions is 1 December, 2013. Questions/queries to Patrick Dumont ( or Matthew Kerby (

b) SEDEPE members will also host a panel on bureaucratic elites at the 2014 IPSA World Congress in Montreal, Canada in July 2014. This panel, organized under the umbrella of RC27: Structure and Organization of Government is titled “Greasy poles towards queasy roles? The politics of selection at the top of ministerial bureaucracies”. The deadline to submit proposals is approaching fast: 29 September, 2013. For more information, or to submit a paper please contact Julia Fleischer (

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