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Upcoming SEDEPE Events

Conferences and Workshops:

SEDEPE will be at the following events:

MWPSA: Chicago (April 12-15)

Panel 41-11: Ministerial Selection and Cabinet Stability in Challenging Times Saturday, April 14 12:45 pm – 2:25 pm

SEDEPE Workshop: Montreal (Autumn 2012)

The Selection and De-Selection of Political Elites: Multi-Level Systems in Comparative Perspective.

IPSA2012: Madrid (July 8-12, 2012)

Other panels, organized by IPSA Research Committee 2: Political Elites, will also feature several SEDEPE members or will be of interest to members:

For all these events the panels can serve as meeting points for further get together opportunities such as dinners.

Some members will also attend other coming conferences in which SEDEPE is not officially organizing events, such as the ECPR Joint Sessions in Antwerp, April 10-15 or the APSA annual in New Orleans, August 30 – September 2. Do not hesitate to drop us a line to let us know which of these conferences you are attending if you wish to meet with fellow SEDEPE members.

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