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SEDEPE at ECPR 2015 in Montreal!

SEDEPE will co-host a section titled Elites and Political Leadership at the upcoming 2015 European Consortium for Political Research General Conference in Montreal, Canada. This section marks the initial offering of a new ECPR Standing Group on Elites and Political Leadership. The panels bring together contemporary debates, traditions and trajectories that students of both political and social elites and political leadership share. The panels range from those that focus on theory and method to structure and agency. The scope is far-reaching and considers the developed and developing worlds as well as a range of actors in their capacities as elites and leaders.

The panels include:

• Gendered Patterns of Elite Career paths in the Comparative Context
• Elite Social Background and Democratic Governance in Africa
• Comparative Judicial Careers
• Individual nomination procedures: the right persons for the job?
• Methodological developments for studying political elites
• Authoritative leadership in the multilevel context
• Political leadership: Theory and Practice – Contested Approaches
• Political Leadership and Parliamentary Democracy in Comparative Perspective.

Detailed descriptions of the individual panels can be found at:
The deadline for paper submissions is 16 February, 2015. We hope to see you in Montreal!

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