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The Selection and Deselection of Political Elites (SEDEPE) network gathers scholars willing to establish some common methods and codings for ministerial selection, deselection and movements. Among them are many experts on the structure of legislatures and governments, formation, maintenance and termination of coalition governments, intra-party politics, legislative careers or public administration.

The central network goals are

  • to coordinate the activity of scholars all over the world dealing with the selection of political elites,
  • to organize panels on SEDEPE themes at major international conferences, and
  • to create a comparative, extensive and up-to-date data set on ministerial selection and deselection.

This webpage will provide information on recent developments within the network. It will offer a venue for exchanging ideas on SEDEPE topics, advertising new publications and activities devoted to these issues. Most importantly, however, the codebook and the data set on ministerial appointments will be provided here.

Originally, the SEDEPE network has been founded by Keith Dowding (Australian National University) and Patrick Dumont (University of Luxembourg) after an ECPR workshop on ministerial turnover in Granada in 2005. Hanna Bäck (University of Mannheim),  Luca Verzichelli (University of Siena) and Matthew Kerby (Memorial University of Newfoundland) joined the network later and thus completed the SEDEPE central coordination team.